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Victorian Lace Candle

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Victorian Lace is a delicate blend of sandalwood, wilted rose petals, vintage lace, and vanilla musk.

This is a soft and smooth blend that captures to depth and delicacy of Victorian Era lace. With rich sandalwood to bring a soft earthy feel, subtle rose nuance that makes the blend feel vintage, and mild vanilla musk to capture the elegance of vintage lace.

Candle features:
-phthalte free
-clean fragrance oils (no carcinogens, reproductive toxins or harmful chemicals)
-7oz of soy blend wax
-cotton wick with zinc core to offer the strongest, longest lasting/slowest burning candle possible
-9oz amber glass jar with black lid
-burn time of 50-60 hours hours

Follow proper candle care for the longest lasting, cleanest burning experience

Candle care:
-allow candle to burn until it reaches a full melt pool (wax melts all the way to the sides of the glass jar) to prevent tunneling
-trim your wick between each and every burn (ideal wick length is 1/4 inch)
-burn on a level surface, free of drafts and debris
-discontinue use once 1/2 inch of wax remains at the bottom of the jar