Meet The Team

I am Brooke, the owner and creator of Ghoulish Goods. It started with humble beginnings in January 2021 where I sold my entire wardrobe in order to afford materials to make and sell small plushie air fresheners. Slowly but surely, the business continued to grow until I ended up needing help to keep up. So, in May 2022 I hired my first employees. I wouldn't have been able to continue to grow without my team so I wanted them to have the credit they deserve. My current roles include but not limited to: formulating all fragrances (candles, perfumes, lotions, room sprays, etc.), all graphic designs (labels, branding, packaging, etc), product design (plushies, patterns, collars, jewelry, etc), all handmade art dolls, all product testing, social media, customer service, website management, inventory, a little bit of everything honestly. There's nothing I don't have my hands in.
Production and Shipment Team:

Kaelie          Trinity          Cali 

Our current production team is Kaelie, Trinity, and Cali. They are here 5 days a week filling product and shipping orders. They fill and label every perfume, lotion, room spray and candle. All products are made by hand here in-house. They handle the most product on a day to day basis with extra care to detail, quality control, and cleanliness. They are also in charge of packing all orders for shipment. They work hard to pack with care and consistency and are constantly adapting as the shop grows to be as thorough and efficient as possible to make sure all orders are received in a timely manner.
Remote Workers
As the business grew, I had less and less time to dedicate to other aspects of the business. Like plushies, accessories, and other odds and ends that I love too much to let go of. I realized that I was now in a position to offer a place to support other artists and creatives. With this, I am able to provide a creative outlet for people who need to work from home. Here are the current lovely helping hands bringing some of the more textile items to life:
Randi is a talented creative who has experience in cross stitch, quilting, and various other art ventures. She currently works 2 jobs and cares for 5 children. Helping here she is able to find time for a little creative expression as well as allow her some time at home to work. Perhaps as we grow, she will be able to drop one of those other jobs in order to dedicate more time to the kiddos. She is currently the person bringing all my plushie designs to life. She brings her sewing skills and artistic twist to each plush, made with lots and lots of love. She will also be the one making our bat perfume holders and coffin chapstick holders that will be in the shop next month!
Barbara is a retired seamstress who used to work in a sewing factory. She is now retired and jumped at the opportunity to do what she loves to make a little extra money from home. She reached out to me first and has been an absolute joy and is great at what she does. I love that she loves it. She is currently the person who makes all of our handmade collars. She is lightning fast and eager to work so we can anticipate more of her handy work on more products to come.
Sarah is a stay at home mom to 2 little kiddos, one new born. She is a skilled creative who also has an Etsy shop making children's clothes/accessories. This presented as a perfect opportunity for her to aid her in the ability to stay home and raise her babies and still continue on her creative ventures. She is currently the person bringing my jewelry designs to life. At the moment, she is creating our necklace collection and we are excited to see where this takes us.
Supporting Other Shops
While we are still in the growing process, it presented the perfect opportunity to feature other artists and small business owners here in our shop. These artists have comparable style, quality, aesthetic and attention to detail. They deserve all the praise and recognition in the world and I am more than happy to have them here. 
The Pickety Witch
The Pickety Witch is a small business that sells enamel pins, art prints, jewelry and more of her ooak art work. All her work is spooky, unique and adorable. They are who make the enamel pins that we currently have in shop.
Print Is Dead
Print is Dead is a small business that sells greeting cards, art prints, pocket mirrors, stickers and more with their art. All their work is hauntingly beautiful and I adore it all. They are who make all the greeting cards and art printed pocket mirrors in the shop.