-How do you apply the perfume oil? 

Give the bottle a gently shake, then dab the oil onto your wrist, then tap wrists together to incorporate it into both wrists. You can then go on to apply it to your neck, elbow pit, decolletage (chest), or knee pit (any pulse point) with as much or as little as you desire. You can use your finger instead of your wrist to apply as well.  


-Do the perfume oils have an expiration date? 

Our perfume oils are in their most prime performance within the first year after opening. Over time, and more noticeably so after the first year, the more volatile scents (fast evaporating scents) may start to evaporate out and have more of a subtle presence. Perfume oils tend to change ever so slightly as they age. Although rare, some can “turn” due to moisture in the air and various other factors where the scent is no longer pleasant. This is when we would recommend discontinuing use. Always perform a patch test when in doubt.  


-Can I return a perfume, lotion or spray if I don’t like it? 

Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or refunds if a perfume is not to your liking. We understand that buying perfume online can be tricky, so we always gift you with a free sample of another scent in every order to help explore other options. We also strongly recommend the sample pack if you’re unsure and want to try before committing to a bigger size.  


-Do you ship worldwide? If so, how much? 

Yes! We ship worldwide. The cost of shipping is determined by the post office's current rates, the specific location, tax regulations, and the weight of the package based on what is purchased. To get an accurate cost, we would recommend adding what you would like to your cart, then enter your shipping details all the way up until it quotes you a shipping price. That way you know the exact total. You can always back out if it’s not something you want.  


-Are your products vegan? 

Yes! All our products are vegan and cruelty free. No animal testing. All musks or seemingly animal derived scent notes are all accords made up to mimic the scent but do not come from any animal sources nor are tested on animals. 



-I have a coconut allergy, is there anything I can do? 

Our perfume oils use organic fractionated coconut oil for the carrier oil. We are able to make the perfume with jojoba oil as a custom order for special circumstances. Just message us through the chat function to see if we can accommodate and we will double check to see if there is any coconut in the perfume formulation as well. This will increase the processing time before the order ships.  


-Are these like essential oils? 

Perfume oils are different from essential oils as they are cut down to skin safety standards with a carrier oil whereas most essential oils are not. They are a combination of perfumery ingredients that include essential oils and various other natural sources and aroma synthetics to create a well-rounded and full-bodied scent. Essential oils are typically a one note compound that derives solely from distillation, giving it the signature component to the scent that most essential oils have. 



-Are these perfumes or colognes? 

All our oils are perfume. The main difference between perfume oil and cologne is the concentration. Colognes are made with around 2-6% fragrance, whereas perfume oils can be made with around 25-35% fragrance. We try to make our scents as gender neutral as possible but always try to note in the description if it leans more to the feminine or masculine side to help decided if it is something you would enjoy.  


-Can I use the room spray as a body spray? 

Yes, our room and linen spray can double as a body spray. It is safe for both skin and clothing. It is not formulated the same as a typical body mist, however, so we do suggest spraying it from the recommended distance to prevent the possibility of water drops on clothes/delicate materials.  


-Can I use them in a roller bottle? 

Yes, you can decant our perfumes and they perform well in a roller bottle. There are some roller ball tops that can fit on our bottles as well, If you wanted to replace the reducer cap with a roller ball instead.  


-Can I choose my free sample? 

Not at this time. Due to the way we process and pack orders, we are unable to offer the option to choose your own sample. Every order will be gifted with one free sample of a like-item. A perfume order will get a perfume sample. A lotion order with a lotion sample, and a room spray order with a spray sample. We don’t keep a full inventory of all samples at all times, so we choose for you. If you message us with a specific sample request, we will try to honor it but it is not guaranteed, as we are not able to link your request to your order before packing in most cases. As of now, our sample pack listing is the only place that you have the option to choose your free sample.   


-I put the wrong address, how do I change it? 

Please message us via the “chat with us” function or email us at ghoulishgoodscustom@gmail.com as soon as you are able. We will be able to change the address for you if we are made aware before shipping. If you order via Etsy, please be aware that Etsy will save the information you entered and we are not allowed to change it on our end, so you will need to make that change next time you go to place an order. Any international orders with failed shipping will need to pay shipping cost again to have it reshipped.  


-Do you have a restock schedule? 

We keep our perfumes in stock at all times. Our seasonal scents will rotate with the seasons. We rotate select scents with spring, summer, fall, winter and an occasional Valentine special. The exact dates of their releases will vary, so we suggest keeping tabs on our social media or sign up for your emails to be notified when new things are stocked. Our sprays and lotions are restocked in spurts. With our current staff, we are able to restock them once a month in limited supply.  


-What does it mean to pre-order? 

For us, to pre-order means you are claiming a product while it is still being made and processed. You will get first pick and a discounted price due to the longer wait time. Pre-order wait times can vary from 2-6 weeks depending on the release.