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Stains of Scarlet Perfume Oil

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Stains of Scarlet, as part of the Cottagecore Collection, has been highly requested. This scent is a beautiful and alluring blend of strawberry preserves, rhubarb, sweet shortbread, and earth.

This scent is sweet and delectable, like a fresh strawberry shortcake, but with a tart and earthy twist from the rhubarb. It's a beautiful balance of sweet and earthy. Much as I imagine all things Cottagecore. It perfectly encapsulates that essence of sweet, homey, earthy, and tranquil. It brings to life the image of fresh picked strawberries from your yard, homemade preserves and strawberry shortcake on the top notes. With the tartness of the rhubarb cuts through the sweetness to balance it out and earthy, fresh turned dirt from your garden on the dry down. It's the full experience in one.

A Ghoulish Goods signature blend with notes of:
Top- fresh strawberries, citrus, rhubarb, Italian bergamot, geranium leaves
Middle- buttery shortbread, jasmine, rosewood
Bottom- vanilla cake, white oak, light musk, dirt

Product Features:
-10ml amber glass apothecary bottle with black lid (optimal for preserving the integrity of the fragrance)
-CLEAN fragrance oils (no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or harmful chemicals)
-contains coconut oil

For best results:
-Tip bottle upside-down a few times to make sure oils are well combined before application
(You can gently shake but it can cause air bubbles)
-apply to pulse points
-it's always best to perform a patch test on a small portion of skin to ensure there are not adverse reactions before regular use

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    My absolute favorite out of all my Samplers!!

    Most photo realistic scent of a strawberry rhubarb pie. And you do definitely get the funky rhubarb in there lol. But, it really helps to cut down the cloyingness that a strawberry syrupy filling type scent can give. And the smell from the 'crust' evens everything out into a lovely gourmand scent. As someone who's been on the hunt for realistic fruit scents, I'm in love!


    Most realistic strawberry scent 👌


    It’s sooo good it smells like strawberry yogurt i think it would pair really nicely with a woody scent