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Ghoulish Goods

Plushie Car Freshener

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This is a handsewn ghost plushie car freshener. It is designed to be hung from a rear view mirror. Each ghost is unique and individual. 

We use only clean ingredients, meaning no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or hazardous chemicals that are found to be known in many air fresheners and fragrance oils. 

Already have an essential oil you love? Or just want one as a car charm? You can get one unscented and add your own scent as you please!

 They are made incorporating felt and a ridged wooden bead; both chosen specifically for their exceptional ability to hold fragrance for optimal performance. 

If/when scent fades with time, you can continue use as a car charm -or- you can purchase a scent refill from the shop to refresh it -or- you can rescent it yourself with any scent you have of your choosing (just spray or dab it on. The felt will absorb it, do the same with the wood bead)

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: these are scented with a HIGH concentration. They are not designed for use on the body so they are not cut to a skin-ready concentration. Make sure to wash hands after handling to remove any oils that may transfer. They will arrive slightly wet to the touch, as the oils will slowly continue to absorb over the course of a month or so. Wipe any surfaces in the car or the home that the oils may transfer to if it is laid down during application, to avoid any potential damage. For this reason, I do not recommend use in the home if it means it is placed on furniture. The elastic it hangs from remains unscented and makes for smooth and easy handling.