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Ghoulish Goods

Perfume Sample Pack

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This is a perfume sample pack. You will receive 1ml amber glass sample bottles. They come packed in a reusable matte black tin case. You can choose 4,6,8 or 10.

*If the scent is not listed, it is not available. Anything that is currently out of the seasonal rotation will not be available*

Scent options:

-Siren (Sea Salt, Ozone, orchid, Pink sand)

-Kraken ( Weathered Teakwood, Caribbean Black spices, Black sea, rum)

 -Elixir (Elderberry, jasmine, absinthe)

 -Cottagecore No.1 (blueberry cobbler, wood burning stove, spice cabinet)

 -Black Honey (spiced honey, Tonka, cedarwood, black amber, tobacco leaf)

 -Divination (black amber, lavender, black pepper, birch)

 -Black Phillip (mahogany woods, tobacco leaf, Teakwood)

 -Victorian Lace (sandalwood, vanilla musk, rose water, pearls)

 -Moth Milk (flannel, woody musk, sweet milk, and warm lamplight)

 -Witching Hour (cozy blankets and fire embers)

 -Kentucky Goblin (apple maple Bourbon, horse Saddles, tobacco)

 -Black No.1 (burning leaves, incense, clove, leather boots, black hair dye, smoke)

 -Haunted Library (dusty pages, sweet tobacco, mahogany shelves)

-Ghost Stories (Campfire, Haunted woods, dark spice, roasted marshmallow)

-Cathedral (Dusty Corridors, Mahogany wood, wafting incense of Frankensense, Myrrh, and Nag Champa)

-Fruit Bats (Citrus, peppercorn, oud wood, chili Pepper)

-Coven (Black amber and spice)

-Memento Mori (smoked vanilla, dark spice, patchouli, dark amber)

-Attic Antiques (dusty antiques, aged fabric, musty wood, forgotten dolls)

-Petrichor (wet earth, fresh rain, pebblestones)

-Stains of Scarlet (strawberry preserves, rhubarb, shortbread, earth)

-The Sorcerer (birch staff, caramel tobacco, magic)

-Nostalgia (mulling spices, fall leaves, memories)

-Haunted Manor (aged cedar, cigars, apparition essence, dark spice)

-Vampire Blood (Dragons blood, blood orange, red fruit)

-Ritual (fall forest, bonfire, burning candles, drop of blood)

 -Gloom and Doom (stormy weather, warm blankets and spine chilling shivers)

 -Death (dead leaves, damp earth, fir needle, foggy haze)

-Singed and Unhinged (fire, smoldering wood, smoke)

-Druid (mossy forest, amber, oud)

-Graveyard (mourning dew, kept grass, fresh turned dirt, flower bouquets)

-Herbarium (pressed flowers, leather binding, inked parchment)

-Green Witch (green tea, palo santo, patchouli)

-Of The Clouds (sweet orange, ozone, hemp)

-White Magic (lavender, sage, incense, eucalyptus)

-Tree Of Life (sapped bark, lively ozonic citrus, leaves)

-Femme Fatale (grapefruit, vanilla, tobacco, ginger)

-Dusk (amber sunset, warm mahogany, coconut, santal, driftwood)

-Dark Waters (black sea, moonlit silk waves, buttery caress)

-Summer Goth (amber sunset, coconut, leather boots, santal, clove)

*Due to high demand, all perfumes are now made to order. So please allow that time to prep them before shipping*

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 65 reviews

    The scents were all unique and lovely. I’d been searching for something that didn’t seem so gendered and this was perfect.


    Absolutely love the smells of the perfumes! And the packaging was beautiful!




    i love ghoulish goods so much the scents are scrumptious and I love the packaging 🙏🙏🙏


    They smell amazing but not over powering and with one of the perfumes lasted 2 days I think it was Yuletide and it smelled like you were in the deepest part of the forest with berry bush here and there. My mom's favorite was ghost stories and she was so obsessed with it she bought it for herself.