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Perfume Sample Pack

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This is a perfume sample pack. You will receive 1ml amber glass sample bottles. They come packed in a reusable matte black tin case. You can choose 4,6,8 or 10.

*If the scent is not listed, it is not available. Anything that is currently out of the seasonal rotation will not be available*

Scent options:

-Siren (Sea Salt, Ozone, orchid, Pink sand)

-Kraken ( Weathered Teakwood, Caribbean Black spices, Black sea, rum)

 -Elixir (Elderberry, jasmine, absinthe)

 -Cottagecore No.1 (blueberry cobbler, wood burning stove, spice cabinet)

 -Black Honey (spiced honey, Tonka, cedarwood, black amber, tobacco leaf)

 -Divination (black amber, lavender, black pepper, birch)

 -Black Phillip (mahogany woods, tobacco leaf, Teakwood)

 -Victorian Lace (sandalwood, vanilla musk, rose water, pearls)

 -Moth Milk (flannel, woody musk, sweet milk, and warm lamplight)

 -Witching Hour (cozy blankets and fire embers)

 -Kentucky Goblin (apple maple Bourbon, horse Saddles, tobacco)

 -Black No.1 (burning leaves, incense, clove, leather boots, black hair dye, smoke)

 -Haunted Library (dusty pages, sweet tobacco, mahogany shelves)

-Ghost Stories (Campfire, Haunted woods, dark spice, roasted marshmallow)

-Cathedral (Dusty Corridors, Mahogany wood, wafting incense of Frankensense, Myrrh, and Nag Champa)

-Fruit Bats (Citrus, peppercorn, oud wood, chili Pepper)

-Coven (Black amber and spice)

-Memento Mori (smoked vanilla, dark spice, patchouli, dark amber)

-Attic Antiques (dusty antiques, aged fabric, musty wood, forgotten dolls)

-Petrichor (wet earth, fresh rain, pebblestones)

-Stains of Scarlet (strawberry preserves, rhubarb, shortbread, earth)

-The Sorcerer (birch staff, caramel tobacco, magic)

-Nostalgia (mulling spices, fall leaves, memories)

-Haunted Manor (aged cedar, cigars, apparition essence, dark spice)

-Vampire Blood (Dragons blood, blood orange, red fruit)

-Ritual (fall forest, bonfire, burning candles, drop of blood)

 -Gloom and Doom (stormy weather, warm blankets and spine chilling shivers)

 -Death (dead leaves, damp earth, fir needle, foggy haze)

 -Banshee (citrus, spruce, spice)

 -Raven (Dark plum, balsam forest, velvet wings)

-Singed and Unhinged (fire, smoldering wood, smoke)

-Druid (mossy forest, amber, oud)

-Graveyard (mourning dew, kept grass, fresh turned dirt, flower bouquets)

-Herbarium (pressed flowers, leather binding, inked parchment)

-Green Witch (green tea, palo santo, patchouli)

-Of The Clouds (sweet orange, ozone, hemp)

-White Magic (lavender, sage, incense, eucalyptus)

-Tree Of Life (sapped bark, lively ozonic citrus, leaves)

-Femme Fatale (grapefruit, vanilla, tobacco, ginger)

-Dusk (amber sunset, warm mahogany, coconut, santal, driftwood)

-Dark Waters (black sea, moonlit silk waves, buttery caress)

-Summer Goth (amber sunset, coconut, leather boots, santal, clove)

-Deadly Delight (hot chocolate, warm spice, cream)

-Trick-or-Treat (old mask, fall leaves, chocolates at the bottom of a bag)

-Haunted Hayride (hay bales, vetiver, farmstand cider, pumpkin donuts)

-Halloween Party (candy apples, pumpkin carving, fog machine)

-Pumpkin Slut (pumpkin chai)

-Scarecrow (pumpkin guts, baking spices, suede clothing, wooden stake)

-Fall Equinox (autumn air, turning leaves, faint whisp of smoke)

-Costume Party Kink (leather cat mask, candy corn, spiced patchouli)

-Grimhilde (mulled cider)

-Baba Yaga (cedar cabin, pine needles, chimney smoke, alluring spice)

-All Hallows Eve (crunchy leaves, pumpkin, fog)

-Sinister Sweets (caramel apple, sweet tobacco)

-Witches Broom (cinnamon broom, clove, cedar)

-Necromancy (Pear nectar, exotic spice, tonka, oud wood)

 -Colder Than A Witch's Tit (snow, frosted spruce, brisk air)

 -Kiss Of Death (Mistletoe, pepperberry, snowy birch)

 -Krampus (gingerbread cookies, fire embers, birch sticks, frosty fur)

 -Nordic Nightwalker (juniperberry, cypress, snowy mountains)

 -Nutcracker (chestnuts roasting on an open fire, subtle spice)

-Sugar Plum Fairy (plum, vanilla, snowberry, soft woods)

-Winter Solstice (Roasted marshmallow, cinnamon, winter pine)

-Winter Witch (Fir, burning cedar, ginger and spice)

-Yuletide (Pine, spiced cranberry, champagne)


*Due to high demand, all perfumes are now made to order. So please allow that time to prep them before shipping*

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