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Mini Art Doll Ornament

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This is a ooak mini art doll and ornament that stands at about 6inches tall. It extremely lightweight as it is sculpted with light puff clay and a stuffed body. This allows it to be hung as an ornament with ease. It has a wire framed body so it can be moved and posed. Since the body is not weighted, it does struggle to sit up on its own without being propped up against something (as shown in the photos). 

It was inspired by and modeled after vintage folk art dolls, so the sculp is meant to be more simple in detail and has a few creases and folds in the sculp itself as an intentional touch. 

This is an art doll and is not meant to be played with or handled harshly.

It comes with a loop at the top of the head to that a string or hook can be attached to hang it from.