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Ghoulish Goods

Graveyard Wax Melts

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Highly scented soy blend wax melts. They come in a matte black shell and are extra filled. 

Graveyard is a realistic take on a cemetery scent, with notes of mourning dew, kept grass, fresh turned dirt and flower bouquets.

You can distinctly pick out each scent mentioned above. You get the fresh cut green, grassy notes, softened by the dewy, wet floral notes, and deepened by the rich earth and dirt. We even added a touch of pebbled stone in there to get a subtle hint of headstones. This smells just like a stroll through the cemetery at dawn, where ground is still wet where the dew hasn't yet lifted. This is a gender neutral scent that anyone can enjoy.

This is a Ghoulish Goods signature blend with notes of:

Top- air, ozone, moss, rosewood, lemongrass, Cucumber, marine
Middle- rose, green grass lily, cinnamon bark, cyclamen, jasmine, grass, green leaves, earth
Bottom- musk, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, oakmoss, sage, sea moss