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Ghoulish Goods

Ghost Stories Room Spray

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Ghost Stories is a fearfully nostalgic blend of Campfire, haunted woods, dark spice, and roasted marshmallow.

This could be considered a fall scent but it rings true to summer in my mind as the weather warms and weekend camping trips and summer camps come to life again. This blend smells like bonfire and marshmallows. The deep smoky notes, burning wood, sweet marshmallows and spice bring together a warm and nostalgic feeling. This is a gender neutral scent that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Product Features:
-4oz black PET spray bottle with lid (optimal for preserving the integrity of the fragrance- BPA free)
-CLEAN fragrance oils (no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or harmful chemicals)
-contains witch hazel

*shake well before use
*for external use only
*avoid spraying delicate fabrics
*spray from 6+ inches away from object