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Ghoulish Goods

Femme Fatale Perfume Oil

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Femme Fatale is an intriguing blend of grapefruit, vanilla, tobacco and ginger.

The creamy grapefruit stands out strongest at first whiff with the ginger keeping the grapefruit from pulling too sweet. The tobacco adds a sensual warmth that envelops the whole thing and grows stronger on the dry down. It is a scent soft enough to draw people in under the guise of innocence and just sharp enough to add an air of mystery. This is a gender neutral blend that may lean slightly feminine depending on the person.

This is a Ghoulish Goods signature blend with notes of:

Top- dried fruit, grapefruit
Middle- tobacco leaves, tonka bean, jasmine
Bottom- sweet wood sap, Ginger, musk, cedar

Product Features:
-10ml amber glass apothecary blot bottle with black lid (optimal for preserving the integrity of the fragrance)
-CLEAN fragrance oils (no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or harmful chemicals)-contains coconut oil

For best results:
-shake or tip bottle upside-down a few times to make sure oils are well combined before application
-apply to pulse points
-it's always best to perform a patch test on a small portion of skin to ensure there are not adverse reactions before regular use

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    It's a softer scent, but smells fantastic.