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Ghoulish Goods

Druid Perfume Oil

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Druid is an earthy blend of Mossy forest, amber and oud wood. 

It is heavy on the woods and earthiness with the oakmoss, fir, cedarwood and patchouli. Balanced with a warmth and depth to it that is smooth and even a little sensual with the notes of tonka, oud, amber and cashmere. It is clean, deep, and earthy. This is a gender neutral blend that might lean slightly masculine depending on the person's perception. 
This is a Ghoulish Goods signature blend with notes of:
Top- amaretto, sage, grapefruit, eucalyptus, moss, clove 
Middle- tonka bean, balsam, lavender, cashmere, Violet, fir, wet leaves 
Bottom- oud, musk, amber, oakmoss, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli 

Product Features:
-10ml amber glass apothecary blot bottle with black lid (optimal for preserving the integrity of the fragrance)
-CLEAN fragrance oils (no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or harmful chemicals)-contains coconut oil

For best results:
-shake or tip bottle upside-down a few times to make sure oils are well combined before application
-apply to pulse points
-it's always best to perform a patch test on a small portion of skin to ensure there are not adverse reactions before regular use

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    David Gentile
    reminds me of home

    As someone who regularly troops their way out of the forest, and occasionally pops out of random holes in the Wild, this is a blend that reminds me of the places I like to roam