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Ghoulish Goods

Deadly Delight Perfume Oil

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Deadly Delight is an intoxicatingly warm and comforting blend of Cinnamon, warm spices and butter cream. This sweet, creamy delight is perfectly balanced with the warm, piercing spice of Cinnamon and clove.

My all time favorite seasonal beverages are spiced hot chocolate or warm milk with Cinnamon and vanilla. This candle embodies the sweetness, warmth and comfort of both, making this my ultimate seasonal nostalgic fragrance.

*Be warned, this scent is so delightful it may cause addiction*

This is a Ghoulish Goods signature blend. The scent notes are:

Top- clove, butter cream
Middle- chocolate, cinnamon, spice cake
Bottom- vanilla

Product Features:
-10ml amber glass apothecary blot bottle with black lid (optimal for preserving the integrity of the fragrance)
-CLEAN fragrance oils (no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or harmful chemicals)
-contains coconut oil

For best results:
-shake or tip bottle upside-down a few times to make sure oils are well combined before application
-apply to pulse points
-it's always best to perform a patch test on a small portion of skin to ensure there are not adverse reactions before regular

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