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Custom Guardian Ghoul

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This listing is for me to make a custom Guardian Ghoul where you choose the theme/color scheme/fabrics that come together to make your own personally tailored Guardian. We can work together to create a Ghoul that you desire. Some things that can be adjusted (but not limited to):

  • Face color
  • Eye color
  • Ear shape (pointed, folded, floppy bunny, etc)
  • Horns/antlers/Headwear 
  • Fabric colors/textures 
  • Theme (viking, fairy, goth, Victorian, animalistic, etc)
  • Grimoire color 

The Guardian's do have a specific look that will stay consistent such as face and body shape. 

Please email your custom Guardian ideas to me at or use the "chat with us" feature. 


Unsure what a Guardian Ghoul is? Here is Some more info:

Your Guardian Ghoul is riddled with magical workings from head to toe. The Magic starts before needle and thread even come into play. I will not work on a guardian unless my mental space is clear. The thought and love you put into a handmade item truly does matter, it's magical, even. If I am in a negative headspace or if there is stagnant, unpleasant energy in the house, I will not work on them, as that is not the energy I want to imbue them with. I will check my energy at the door, then proceed by cleansing the workspace, the ghoul, and myself. Only then will the creative magic ensue. Every stitch, brush stroke, formulation and detail is made with love and positive intention. I pour myself into every inch of these small but mighty protectors.


Your ghoul is already magical in nature, so it likes to provide offerings to you that allow you to carry that protective energy around with you everywhere you go, while it stays to hold down the fort. These include:


-7 crystals (Obsidian, Black Obsidian, Citrine, Carnelian, Pyrite, Smoky Quarts, Amethyst)


-3 sticks of Palo Santo 


-Breathe Easy essential oil perfume (from our Vibe Check line) formulated to calm your mind, ease nerves and anxiety and promote grounding and relaxation


-Pick Me Up essential oil perfume (also from our Vibe Check line) formulated to boost your mood, elevate energy, and stimulate your senses


-bronze plated turtle bone pendant necklace. This necklace is made to be removable and worn if desired. Turtles are powerful protectors and wearing animal bones allow you to harness a little bit of that protective energy with you. 


-handmade bag/pouch (sized perfectly to fit all of the above) with a clip on the back that allows it to be attached to keys, wallet, purse, backpack, belt loop, etc if desired. Providing the option for an easy and convenient way to carry your crystal(s) and oils and anything else you may wish around with you. 


-leather bound Guardian Grimoire. This Grimoire is mainly intended to go into detail of all the inner workings of your ghoul, the crystals and how to use them, the palo santo and how to use it, the oils and their benefits, tips for Mindful practice. The inention is to not only help you utilize your ghoul and work with it but to help you realize and find the magic within yourself. (There are 2 charms attached it, if you would like to change the charms that are used, please let me know upon purchase)




Before shipping your Ghoul I will cleanse it and all the crystals that come with it. It is already charged up with positive intention from the making process but before shipping I like to tailer them to the recipient as much as possible. You do not have to, but if you'd like to include anything about yourself or your story, I'd love to use that info/energy to help "activate" your ghoul in a more personal manner. You could include anything you may specifically like protrected from during this time, your current life situation, your goals/hopes/desires, your fears, anything you may feel called to share but it is absolutely not a requirement.


Please email me at or use the "chat with us" function. 


Include in your message:


-if you'd like specific charms on the Grimoire 


-the name of the recipient 


-and optional life information to personalize the Ghouls intention