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Mystery Pre-Filled Stocking

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Pre-filled stockings that come in 2 styles: Pastel Goth (pink and grey) and Krampus (black and white)

The stocking will come with:
-1 full size (10ml) winter collection perfume
-1 room & linen spray
-1 lotion (OR another spray, not all come with a lotion)
-8 pack perfume samples in a tin
-1 art pocket mirror
-winter themed greeting card
-handsewn stocking
-additional sticker

This is a $135 Vaule

The contents of each stocking are a ✨️MYSTERY✨️ each stocking will be different. Everything inside will be wrapped. (This means that even we do not know what is in each, so we are unable to take any requests for specific scents or the removal of specific scents)

The greeting card will be packed as shown, with the card, envelope, and wax seal in a clear bag so that it can be easily opened, signed and sealed before being gifted. We can, however, write a note on your behalf and seal if for you if being delivered directly to recipient so that it is presentable and ready to go. You must request this directly after making the purchase so we can add it for you. We can try to accommodate requests on which greeting card you get if there is a preference.

Here are a list of possible scents that could be in the stockings:
-Baba Yaga
-Witches Broom
-Winter Witch
-Winter Solstice
-Sugar Plum Fairy
-Deadly Delight
-Nordic Nightwalker
-Kiss of Death
-Colder Than A Witch's Tit
-Costume Party Kink
-Pumpkin slut

There is no candy or treats in the stocking in the interest of avoiding any allergen concerns.

Happy Holidays!

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