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Mini Love Guardian Ghoul

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- mini Guardian Ghoul art doll

- mini Grimoire pamphlet

- certificate of adoption 

- Art print + a bonus print 

- Valentine sticker + a bonus sticker


Mini Guardian Ghoul

This is a love centered, mini version of our signature Guardian Ghouls. A Guardian Ghoul is a doll that is imbued with added properties to serve as protection, and in this case, love expansion/healing (self love or romantic, whatever intentions you set for the doll). It is a hand sculpted art doll with a posable wire frame. It comes with a rose quartz crystal in the forehead, a hand sewn heart inside stuffed with herbs meant to enhance the love properties, it was made under the full moon and comes with a mini Grimoire (the size of a pamphlet) that goes into more detail on all the different elements of the doll. Even if it's not used with intention, it is a super cute doll to have and display. 


Certificate of Adoption 

The Ghoul comes with a certificate of adoption, sealed with a wax seal. Included on the certificate is your ghouls actual time of creation, date and location for their astrological birth chart. I've went ahead and done the work to include what their sun, moon, and rising sign is.