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Lust Body Oil

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Our luscious body oil is nectar for the skin. Nourishing, hydrating, restorative, fragrant and versatile. 

It is lightly pigmented with mica to create a very subtle iridescent effect.

This oil performs well as a body oil, bath oil or massage oil.

When applied as body oil- a little goes a long way, it is incredibly hydrating but fast absorbing so avoid feeling oily to the touch. If you prefer a heavier application, just adding slightly more will achieve that effect

When used as a bath oil- it forms iridescent droplets that float to the top of the water, creating a fun, yet relaxing and skin replenishing effect. It will not stain tub but may stick to soap scum which would wipe away easily. 

Product Features:

-128ml frosted Blass round bottle with a dropper

-shake well before use, mica likes to settle at the bottom (the oils are quite yellow, so it may appear yellow-ish before shaken)

-scented as Lust (black opium, smoked vanilla, leather)