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Ghoulish Goods

Gloom and Doom Assorted Wax Melts

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10 assorted spooky themed wax melts in black and white. They are highly scented and made with a custom blended soy.

They come in a black bag mylar bag meant to help preserve the fragrance.

Gloom and Doom- This complex blend is brought to life by the scent of rain, heavy air, wet earth and an electric punch from the Gunpowder and deep florals that evoke the feeling of lightning. The warm amber and creamy notes feel soft and inviting, like a blanket. With an underlying essence of smoke throughout. This is a gender neutral blend that anyone can enjoy.

This is a Ghoulish Goods signature blend with notes of:
Top- black salt, misty air, saffron, camphor
Middle- dark florals, hibiscus milk, patchouli, wood, eucalyptus, rain
Bottom- Gunpowder, smoke, wet earth, amber, creamy leather

*not all melts are perfectly shaped. Some have dents and divets that add to their peculiarity