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Ghoulish Goods

Costume Party Kink Assorted Wax Melts

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10 assorted spooky themed wax melts in black and white. They are highly scented and made with a custom blended soy.

They come in a black bag mylar bag meant to help preserve the fragrance.

Costume Party Kink is a blend of leather cat masks, candy corn, and spiced patchouli. It is blended to be deep, sultry, and androgynous while still having a touch of sweet Halloween with the candy corn to bring to life the experience of a goth fetish Halloween costume party. There is an equal balance of sweetness from the candy corn with the depth and complexity of leather, suede, sultry spiced patchouli and a hint of smoke. It feels warm, nostalgic, mysterious and a little bit kinky 😉

This is a Ghoulish Goods signature blend, with notes of:

Top- candycorn, orange peel, white pepper
Middle- nutmeg. Black pepper, cardamom, smoke, amyris, incense
Bottom- patchouli, cassia bark, ebonywood, musk, leather

*not all melts are perfectly shaped. Some have dents and divets that add to their peculiarity